Olive Bay Hotel, Main Bar “YAMABUKI”


ModuleX was specified in “YAMABUKI” located on 3rd floor of Olive Bay Hotel in Nagasaki which opened in spring, 2013.
“YAMABUKI” is the bar lounge which guests can spend and enjoy relaxing and silent night.
ModuleX technology to hide the existence of lighting fixture as much as possible can successfully set off symbolic pillars and drapes designed by Ms. Eriko Horiki, a Japanese representative washi (Japanese traditional paper) designer.

Project DATA

Project Reference Olive Bay Hotel, Main Bar “YAMABUKI”
Design Support Moon Balance Inc.
Designer (space design)/Ms. Eriko Horiki
Original Washi creation Mr. Eriko Horiki&Associates
Photograph Nacása & Partners Inc.
Address 1577-8 Ohshima-cho, Saikai City, Nagasaki, 857-2427
Phone 0959-34-5511
Hours 17:00~24:00
URL http://www.olivebayhotel.co.jp/