‘Kanata’ Machiya Holiday House of Machiya Residence Inn Kanazawa


ModuleX® was selected for ‘Kanata’ Machiya Holiday House of Machiya Residence Inn Kanazawa, a traditional Japanese townhouse inn limited to one group per day, in Tatemachi area.

This private inn is a renovated old Japanese townhouse equipped with vintage-style materials and the latest equipment.
The first floor features an expansive space, like a doma entryway, with an open kitchen and a dining table. On the second floor, there is a Western-style bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and a spacious sofa is placed in the corridor facing the atrium.

The first floor and the second floor are connected by an atrium, which is the center of this townhouse, and the incoming natural light brings about a subtle atmosphere. We used our independently developed lighting design technique, Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®, to highlight the serenity away from the bustle of the city.

The combination of irradiation on the table from the lighting fixtures with optimized light spectrum and brightness from the pendant lights and Andon (or Japanese lantern) realized the space where customers can enjoy the extraordinary that is luxury freedom during their stay.

In a bath with a bathtub made of hinoki cypress, our proprietary lighting design technique, Gradation Lighting Design®, was used for guests to comfortably stretch their bodies and only feel the hinoki cypress, the texture of the stone, and the warmth of the hot water without noticing the presence of glare at all when looking up at the ceiling.

We created a new space by giving new value to a space that has aged over the years while keeping a traditional elegance of serenity.


Project DATA

Project Reference ‘Kanata’ Machiya Holiday House of Machiya Residence Inn Kanazawa
Designer DRAFT Inc.
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Shoichi Kumasaka
Address 42-3 Satomicho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone 050-3786-2009
URL https://www.kanazawa-machiya-inn.com/jp/accommodations/kanata/