ModuleX® was selected for SteaMs., a women-only treatment sauna facility launched in Roppongi by AVANTO, who specializes in Scandinavian sauna brands.

The treatment sauna of SteaMs. uses fine-grained and rich steam to increase the core body temperature efficiently, promoting perspiration. This is a beauty sauna that adjusts the body environment from the inside by focusing on the skin, hair, and gut.

The interiors are designed with organic soft curves owned only by nature, as if customers are lured into another world when they enter the facility. A space with beautifully colored, transparent materials as a motif presents customers with the design story of “escaping the ordinary and immersing themselves in the extraordinary” during the period between entering and leaving the facility. We prepared a lighting plan to delicately control the artificial light balance between brightness and illumination by using our proprietary lighting environment control technology, ModuleX® Controls, so that customers can take their minds off their daily stresses and collect themselves.

We introduced our independently developed lighting design technique, Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®, to the relaxation area in order to feature the softness of transparency and the shadows by leveraging the characteristics of the interior materials. In consideration of visual brightness and privacy, the implemented lighting plan complements all the materials but does not directly illuminate customers' faces, preventing them from being seen by other customers.

The herbal steam sauna of SteaMs. allows customers to take in the aroma and benefits of herbs with steam at about 45°C. By using our proprietary lighting design technique Spectrum Design®, the symbolic sphere with steam boiling up inside is illuminated in mid blue, producing a mysterious space filled with blue steam and herb aroma. For single-person booths, we created a lighting environment in which a faintly-lit footlight is positioned in likeness of a candle, so that customers look at the light like a flickering flame inside the room filled with blue diffused light along with steam, to make them feel relaxed while sharpening the five senses, such as sight and smell.

Even under severe conditions of high temperature and humidity in a steam sauna, our lighting fixtures, which are glare-controlled using our proprietary optical control technology, maximize the features of the space, immersing customers in the extraordinary without making them feel the presence of lighting fixtures.


Project DATA

Project Reference TREATMENT SAUNA SteaMs.
Designer Aki Hamada Architects Inc.
ModuleX solution
Chief Lighting designer Ikko Tanaka
Lighting planner Ami Toya
Photograph Kohei Yamamoto
Address Parkside Six Building B B1-D, 9-5-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6721-1552