Private Gallery of Ishida Kogyo K.K.


ModuleX® was selected for the private gallery of Ishida Kogyo K.K. in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

This art gallery exhibits the collection of the Ishida family, the founder of Ishida Kogyo, with the aim of enhancing the cultural level of Shika-machi Town in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Our proprietary lighting design technique Gradation Lighting Design™ is used for the 16-meter-long wall display case, which is the gallery's main display space, to strike a balance between the brightness and illumination that highlight the works of art in a uniform environment without shadows.
In addition, we paid full attention not to leak direct light from the lighting fixtures to the outside of the wall display case, and carefully decided the positions and types of lighting fixtures to use within the limited area of the display case. We selected Prism Platform® lighting fixtures that illuminate rich, beautiful gradations, and planned gradations that match the positions of the exhibits on the wall inside the display case.

As the exhibition walls are finished in black to highlight the exhibits only, we used spotlights with dimming functions in the ModuleX Museum Platform and applied Filter Lighting Design. By combining our unique lighting fixtures and design methods, we could create a space where only the exhibits are emphasized and stand out, which is made possible with a function to change the intensity and brightness of the light according to the color tones of each picture, as well as the range of the irradiation according to the size of each picture.


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Project DATA

Project Reference Private Gallery of Ishida Kogyo K.K.
Designer Yamagishi Architects + Engineers | YOSHIDA ADVERTISING CO., LTD.
ModuleX solution
Chief Lighting designer Yusuke Tanizaki
Key Products ModuleX60、PRISM PLATFORME©︎
Address Ko 30-1, Togiryokemachi, Hakuigun Shikamachi, Ishikawa
Phone 0767-42-2331