Seiko Electric, Koga Factory, E Site


ModuleX® was selected for use by the E Site of Seiko Electric's Koga Factory.

It is a three-story building located at Seiko Electric's Koga Factory, and about 200 designers work there. A reorganization of the factory's facilities was planned as part of initiatives to mark the 100th anniversary of its establishment.

We received the Good Lighting Award for 2022 from the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan in acknowledgment of the comfort and energy conservation of this lighting project.

There are 3 aims of this architecture:
① The concept of this site is to make it a design development base that stimulates creativity through “environmental technology” and “connection of people.”
② To realize needs derived from the concept, such as “the creation of a new face of the factory,” “a working environment where diverse personnel can work actively” and “the reduction of the environmental burden and increased intellectual creativity.”
③ To save energy of the whole building and realize “ZEB,” or net Zero Energy Building, by generating energy.

To realize those aims, we proposed a lighting plan for the communication space, which is an area for meeting and brainstorming, that fully utilizes our own lighting design methods that can express the transition throughout a day of the spectrum and the gravity of light, such as Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range, Time Sequence Design and Spectrum Design. For the office space, we proposed a control method that allows employees to adjust the lighting via their desk PCs according to their preferences.

To make it a truly good space for those working there, we carried out detailed verification with the client to create a different feel in the office section and in the communication area, even though they share the same space.
Using our independently developed lighting design technology Lighting Realization®, which is able to visualize the finish in particular, from the initial stage of the plan we verified the large-scale lighting environment and visual environment, which cannot be verified using a mock-up.
Due to this approach, we were able to efficiently construct a space that combines design and control methods and achieves effects that promote both comfort at employees' desks and


Project DATA

Project Reference Seiko Electric, Koga Factory, E Site
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Ryohei Koyama
Photograph Yousuke Harigane
Address 3-20-1 Tenjin, Koga City, Fukuoka
Phone 092-943-7181