Aizu Higashiyama Hot Spring, TSURUGA Higashiyama Sohonzan


ModuleX® was selected for use by TSURUGA Higashiyama Sohonzan, located opposite the Aizu Bukeyashiki Museum, at the gateway to the Aizu Higashiyama Hot Springs.

Built by carpenters specializing in temples and shrines, the Showa-era, timber building is said to be one of the Aizu region's top three mansions. The stately, Japanese-style building has been maintained but reformed into a hot-spring resort fitted with the latest facilities, where a dedicated butler serves one exclusive group of guests a day.

To ensure that guests enjoy a blissful time at the resort, we were asked to create a space where guests can harmonize with nature and feel the four seasons.

To guarantee guests’ comfort, we designed where in the space and how much lighting energy needed to be irradiated, not only by using glare control in lighting fixtures with our own optic control technology, but also by applying our own lighting technique, Lighting Modulation in View Angle Range, and implemented an expansive and nuanced lighting design that highlights the materials and space, such as the transparency of the sliding paper door, the expression of the plaster walls, and the light reflected on swaying water surfaces.

Using our ModuleX® Controls lighting environment control technology, which allows the customer to easily adjust the brightness to suit guests' preferences, we preset the optimum balance of brightness and illumination in each area.


Project DATA

Project Reference Aizu Higashiyama Hot Spring, TSURUGA Higashiyama Sohonzan
ModuleX solution
Senior Lighting designer Takeshi Hattori
Interior Design INVI inc.
Address 151 Ishiyama Innai, Higashiyama-cho, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima
Phone 0242-23-8294