ModuleX®️ was selected for THE NORTH FACE Sphere, the sixth store of The North Face brand to open in the Harajuku area.

In response to the customer's request to create a spatial connection throughout the entire building—including five floors above ground, a rooftop floor, and a basement—we used our proprietary lighting design technique Spectrum Design® to devise a plan, taking into account the reflection spectrum from the building materials used.

We fine-tuned the balance of brightness and illumination according to the density of fixtures, the quantity of merchandise, and the interior finishes of the ceiling, walls, and floors on each floor, to make customers feel the seamlessness between each floor. Our proposed lighting environment allowed customers to pleasantly walk around all kinds of shops in the building regardless of the time of day or the weather.
We also achieved a lighting effect that offers a unified feel for the entire facade of the building during nighttime.

By combining the natural light from the windows with different gradations of spotlights projected using our proprietary lighting design technique ModuleX®️ Filter Lighting®️, we created a space in which the light from the first floor shines into the basement, connected by the stairwell.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference THE NORTH FACE Sphere
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Ikko Tanaka
Lighting planner Aoi Nittono
Interior Design Sawada Hashimura
Photograph Kenta Hasegawa | OFP
Key Products ModuleX130、ModuleX60
Address 6-10-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6773-5500