Okamoto Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Clinic


ModuleX® has been utilized by Okamoto Plastic Surgery,
Cosmetic Clinic, which aims to be a place that patients enjoy
and feel free to visit, no matter what their age, and that puts
a smile on their face because they are glad they went.

We were asked for a plan that can flexibly adjust lighting effects in
areas with abundant natural light and where the interior design changes
due to architectural features and to meet medical needs, and that also
takes into account the balance of cost and effect.

To create a light environment suited to each of the spaces that
patients frequent, such as the waiting room and the corridor to the
examination room, we carried out a lighting plan that uses our original
lighting design technology, Filter Lighting Design®, which adjusts the
quality of light and makes it fit to the space, along with just one type
of downlight and two types of filters.

As a way to protect patients' privacy, our plan ensured that strong light
would not hit their faces as they passed each other in the corridor.
We lowered the centroid of the light so as to illuminate only the line
where the wall meets the floor. Rebounded light then illuminates the wall
in gradation.

In the waiting room, we controlled the balance of brightness and
illumination of blended natural light and artificial light by using our
original lighting environment control technology, ModuleX® Controls,
to fill the space with gentle light that calms any anxiety patients
may experience while awaiting examination.


Project DATA

Project Reference Okamoto Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Clinic
ModuleX solution
Chief Lighting designer Yusuke Tanizaki
Address 1-1-37 Shimogamo, Sumoto City, Hyogo
Phone 0799-38-6697
URL https://okamotokeisei.com/