Sanyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Head Office and Factory


ModuleX® lighting was selected for the
head office and factory of Sanyo Co., Ltd.
The client requested a lighting plan to highlight the underside of the
eaves finished in the corporate colors with an impressive corridor
on the outer perimeter.

Since the height between the floor surface and eaves differs from
place to place, where some areas are only four meters high,
while others are more than 15 meters high, we came up with a plan to
illuminate under the eaves with our underground lighting fixtures
installed in the floor of corridor.
Using our original Filter Lighting® design method, we altered the lighting
distribution to compensate the differences in illumination distance and
illuminate under the eaves evenly. This allowed us to give the
corporate colors a floating appearance in the night sky.

Also, inside the building, using our original ModuleX® Controls lighting
environment control technology in the cafeteria area, which gets plenty
of natural light, we set lighting scenes suitable for each time such as
normal business hours, at night, and during events, providing a relaxing
space for those who work there.

At night, when combined with the light from inside the building spilling
through the apertures, the uniformly illuminated lower surfaces of the
eaves create an impressive look that is different from the day time,
resulting in an impressive building exterior.


Project DATA

Project Reference Sanyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Head Office and Factory
Designer OHArchitecture
ModuleX solution
Senior Lighting designer  Jun Ikeda
Lighting planner Tomoki Akisada
Lighting analysis Haruhiko Endo
Photograph Atsushi Shiotani
Address 3-2-45 Morimachi Nishi, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone 072-736-8834