CELFORD, Marunouchi Building store


The CELFORD store in the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo's Marunouchi
district used ModuleX® in its renovation.

The client's brand concept is "The First Lady," and they asked us to
highlight the products and their respect for the fashion and styles of
first ladies of various countries and the originality and pride they show.

Using our original Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range® lighting
design method, we examined how much lighting energy to release
where in the space in order to accentuate the products that are
on display in a simple space composed with symmetry.

The application of Gradation Lighting Design™ from the top sections of
the walls softly envelops the space, and thanks to lightning fixtures
that feature glare control from our original optical control technology,
we were able to implement a lighting plan that removes the presence of
lighting fixtures to highlight the attractiveness of the store's interior
design and products.

Furthermore, to optimize the key brightness balance in the Gradation
Lighting Design™, we considered the materials to be illuminated
and the distance from customers, and proposed detailed,
individual fitting measurements. Their use created a beautiful space
in which products stand out more than ever before.


Project DATA

Project Reference CELFORD, Marunouchi Building store
ModuleX solution
Chief Lighting designer Kazuhiro Shikata
Lighting planner  Yuya Kumazawa
Interior Design Jamo associates
Photograph Kozo Takayama
Address Marunouchi Building 3F, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6810-0789
URL https://celford.com/