Portopia Hotel Rooftop Terrace Sorafune Kobe


Portopia Hotel, one of the major city resort hotels in Kobe,
adopted ModuleX® lighting for its rooftop observation deck where
visitors can spend memorable moments in a superb location at a height
of 110 meters, enjoying panoramic views of the city.

After climbing the stairs, an extraordinary space comes into view
on the rooftop where you can enjoy drinks with a special nightscape.
In response to a request for a lighting design that allows visitors to
enjoy two different faces of an observation deck and a night lounge,
we proposed an emotional environment that further enhances the
added value of the special space by introducing an experience design
that combines light and time.

Centering on our original Topological Lighting Design® method,
a lighting technique that creates different value and meaning for each
visitor of the space, we combined it with our Exaltation Lighting®
technique, which enhances a sense of exaltation.
We designed an environment and lighting space that evokes emotions
in people by applying our ModuleX® Controls lighting environment
control technology, along with Time Sequence Design® and
Spectrum Design® to dramatically change the passage of scenes
adorning the special moments that can only be experienced there.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Portopia Hotel Rooftop Terrace Sorafune Kobe
ModuleX solution
Chief Lighting designer Yusuke Tanizaki
Photograph Yosuke Ohtake
Key Products ModuleX60
Address 6-10-1 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 078-302-1111
URL https://www.portopia.co.jp/sorafune