WORK COURT Gakugei-daigaku


ModuleX® lighting was adopted for
WORK COURT at Gakugei-daigaku (Tokyo).

In this project, a four-story building was converted into a co-working
space. Each floor features a unique interior design, with different
areas on the same floor serving diverse purposes. The client therefore
requested a lighting scheme that would harmonize the character of all
the different spaces.

We approached the challenge by using our original Lighting Modulation
in Viewing Angle Range® design method to try and find the right
balance of brightness, both to visually enhance the spaces and create
environments that are comfortable for working. At the same time,
we aimed to match the different designs of the spaces.
Our lighting scheme helped to enhance the charm of the different
interiors on each floor and also to create an atmosphere to facilitate
long hours of concentrated work without inducing stress.

Using our original Spectrum Design® Method, we differentiate the
spectrum according to the purpose even on the same floor.

For the communication lounge and relaxation space, for example,
we opted for a slightly warmer color than in the office space,
to give a calming effect. On the other hand, for the desktop
surfaces in the quiet spaces, we chose a cooler part of the spectrum,
equivalent to a correlated color temperature of 4,000 K.
The cooler color is more conducive to mental concentration.
By analyzing the quality of light suitable for different purposes
by function and effectively combining different light sources,
we were able to harmonize their various characteristics to produce a
unified look and feel across a whole floor area.

As users can chose the floor and area by the purpose, time and their
feelings on the day, this facility will be a great place
for work and communication for many years to come.


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Project Reference WORK COURT Gakugei-daigaku
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