LIVERANO & LIVERANO Osaka Kitahama Head Store


ModuleX®︎ lighting fixtures were selected for the
LIVERANO & LIVERANO Osaka Kitahama Head Store.

The client requested a lighting scheme to match the interior design of
the store, which makes extensive use of wooden louvers. So,
we devised a lighting plan to give the space a sense of unity using
hardware technology to ensure uniform light distribution, despite the
constraint imposed by the positioning of the louvers.

Given the store’s location in the central business district, it was essential
to create an atmosphere to make passersby feel like dropping in,
even during work hours. To achieve this, we used our original Lighting
Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®︎ design method to analyze the
psychological effects of visual sensations for different lighting
arrangements. We found that illuminating one side of the ceiling louvers
lifted the center of gravity of the lighting higher, giving a more
dynamic impact to the ambience.

For the area that serves both for tailoring and fitting room, we used our
original ModuleX®︎ Filter Lighting®︎ design method to illuminate the space
from four directions with soft light, to make sure that customers can
see the color, texture, and detail of the fabrics from any viewing angle.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference LIVERANO & LIVERANO Osaka Kitahama Head Store
Designer Oniki Design Studio
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc.Ikko Tanaka
Photograph Takumi Ota
Key Products ModuleX80
Address 1F, 3-2-4 Kitahama, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone 06-6222-3000