hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto by withceed


ModuleX® was adopted at the “hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto by withceed”
located at the Nishinotoin Street in Kyoto.

According to request to embody the hotel concept “Oku(depth) with the
quiet atmosphere with shading, we produced the lighting planning to
express the ‘Light’ and ‘Shadow’ as a sharp contrast, which transmits
toward an innermost part of the building.

The straight linear illumination for the waiting sofa at the entrance lobby
welcomes the guest to the inner check-in counter.

The courtyard visible from the restaurant is the comfortable space
where you can feel the change of atmosphere of yard according to
time, since at daytime our lighting is focus on the trees and the stone
art to seamlessly link with the natural light, and the calm atmosphere
is produced after the sun goes down by collecting the light to the ground.

Also, at the large underground spa, we produced the calm and quiet
space by impressing the ruggedness of wall by the shadow and ensure
the safety by inviting attention to feet by the lighting effect
at the same time.
At the scene needed the special lighting equipment such as bathroom,
ModuleX® has an advantage of being able to propose the
lighting design just like the indoor environment.

By using our original lighting environment control technology
“ModuleX® Controls”, we adopted the “Time Sequence Design”
giving continuity to spaces and time, and “Dynamic Lighting Design”
considering the people’s move, so that we could produce the calm
atmosphere with the shade and conduct the lighting planning with
enhancing the traditional Japanese design with minimum number of the
lighting equipment.


Project DATA

Project Reference hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto by withceed
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Yukari Nagao
Photograph Kenta Hasegawa | OFP
Address 455 Nishinotoin-cho Hanaya-cho down, Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi