Netz Toyota Hyogo Tsuchiyama Showroom


ModuleX® lighting was chosen for Netz Toyota Hyogo’s
new Tsuchiyama Showroom.

In response to the client’s desire to make the ceiling surface as simple
as possible and use it as a design feature, we developed
our lighting plan after looking carefully at the illumination balance
and shift over time at different places in the showroom, making use of
our original Composite rectangular light mounting frames.

The showroom, which gets abundant natural light, is connected to the
natural environment, and we applied our unique lighting design method,
Lighting Realization, to realize the connection between the natural
and artificial light seamlessly, taking the balance of
visual brightness into consideration.

For areas that are less impacted by natural light, we proposed a
lighting scheme that entices people to move deeper into the showroom,
using our original Gradation Lighting Design™️ method
to create highly uniform, gently graduated lighting of minimal contrast.

The combination of stylish Composite rectangular frames
and lighting fixtures with glare control was very well-received,
which is, in other words, a combination of ModuleX’s unique products
and lighting design method.


Project DATA

Project Reference Netz Toyota Hyogo Tsuchiyama Showroom
Designer RIC DESIGN Inc.
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Ikko Tanaka
Photograph Nacása & Partners Inc.
Address 55-3 Takahata, Hiraoka-cho, Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo
Phone 079-455-0100