Sendagaya Station Restroom (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


ModuleX® was selected for the reconstruction of the public restroom
in front of Sendagaya Station, a project put out to tender by
Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic
and Paralympic Games.

The client envisioned a design that would give the toilets a “floating”
appearance, to dispel any sense of spatial confinement or unease.
This required a lighting plan to highlight both the functional
and architectural features of the design.

Natural light pouring in through slits in the roof during the day
provides sufficient illumination to eliminate the need for artificial lighting,
even in toilet cubicles. To take full advantage of the building’s
characteristics, we applied our original Time Sequence Design®︎ and
Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®︎ lighting design methods to
the question of how to deliver the necessary illumination after dark.

We opted for linear LED ConsciLed®️ lights along the lower parts of the
building, both to ensure functional brightness and accentuate the
impression of “floating.” The balance of brightness in the space shifts
constantly, resulting in a dramatic contrast in look between
day and night.

To supplement the spatial illumination, we also installed ConsciLed®️
lights above the toilet cubicle walls (in a position that does not inhibit
the architectural form) to shine light within the six meter-high ceiling space.

To verify our lighting design, we used our original Lighting Analysis™️
design method to examine how natural and artificial light influence the
architectural forms and materials. We confirmed that the created
lighting environment is appropriate to the time of day and space,
with adequately balanced brightness and luminous intensity.


Project DATA

Project Reference Sendagaya Station Restroom (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Yukari Nagao
Photograph Kenta Hasegawa | OFP
Address 1-35-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo