Hotel New Port Yokosuka


When Hotel Yokosuka Group, whose history has unfolded together
with the city of Yokosuka,
recently opened its Hotel New Port Yokosuka, it chose ModuleX®︎
for the hotel’s lighting needs.

According to its vision, the hotel is intended to serve as
“a place where a broad diversity of people, irrespective of race,
age, or gender, can feel comfortable, commingling and growing
together in the flow of time in Yokosuka, with all its traditions
and innovations, and unchanging and changing elements” and
“a place for healing the fatigue of travel in a space that makes you
forget the passage of time.” To help realize this vision,we made use of
our Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range® design method to
analyze the optimal level of illumination at strategic points
in all the spaces of the hotel, taking into account the psychological
effects of visual sensations. Our lighting design thus helped to
create comfortable,relaxing environments throughout the hotel.

Using our Time Sequence Design®︎ method, we carefully ensured an
ideal balance between natural and artificial light at all hours of
the day. At the same time, to enhance the beauty of illumination,
we applied our original ModuleX®︎ Controls lighting environment
control technology to make the hotel’s spaces as pleasant as possible
throughout the day.
For the illumination of the entrance, lobby lounge, and bar area,
we used ModuleX®︎ Motif Bespoke custom light fixtures,
designed to match the interior design themes, further enriching the
visual charm of the interiors.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Hotel New Port Yokosuka
Designer INVI inc.
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Takeshi Hattori
Key Products ModuleX60
Address 2-13, Honcho, Yokosuka Shi, Kanagawa Ken, Japan