Arashiyama Residence MAMA


ModuleX was adopted to Arashiyama Residence MAMA.

Emphasizing the advantage of beams and ceiling of a Japanese house
and the garden tree which has been kept and cared for a long time,
we conducted the illumination planning
by the gradation of soft light harmonizing the natural materials.

With using the minimum size down light “ModuleX 60 (φ62)”
and the glare-controlled design technology to the extent,
we succeeded to emphasizes the expression of nature with obscuring
the presence of the light itself and showing only the effect of light.

Since the guest room is utilized with the existing beams,
the mounting height of lighting are different for each room.
We adjusted the balanced lighting environment
by our original lighting design technology “Filter Lighting” design
which enable one spotlight converse the various light distribution.

At the entrance and restaurant area allowing a view of the garden,
ModuleX controls the illuminance balance and produces
the lighting environment according to the change of time and seasons
so that guest can enjoy the air of Arashiyama surrounding by nature.


Project DATA

Project Reference Arashiyama Residence MAMA
Designer DAY inc.
Sign and graphic design Modulex Inc. Tomoki Akisada
Photograph YUNA YAGI
Address 1-5 Arashiyama Nishiichikawacho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto