Netz Toyota Hyogo Sumoto-store


ModuleX was adopted at Netz Toyota Hyogo Sumoto-store.

In regard to the request that all customers could feel the spirit of
hospitality only not when they buy the car but also when they visit
for all the matter related to cars including the maintenance,
ModuleX planned the lighting environment where people can pass
for even a long time stay comfortably with feeling
the changing time by controlling the lighting accurately.

At the glass showroom, utilizing the natural light
we performed addition and subtraction of the spectral to the space
and material. With our original lighting design technic method
“Lighting Harmonization” to adjust the rich lighting environment,
we express the wood ceiling beautifully by positioning
the square lighting equipment orderly and the plenty of illuminance
to the displayed cars is assured.

For the flow line to the lounge with little natural light,
“Gradation Lighting” design from outside to inside welcomes the guest
to the inner space naturally by reducing a luminance ratio between the
inside and outside of the lounge.
Taking advantage of woody-design, we adopted an electric bulb-color
(corresponding to 3000K) and produce the warm space.

Combining the “Gradation Lighting” design considering the natural light
and “Spectral Design” changing by the material,
we can produce the space where people can feel the changing time.


Project DATA

Project Reference Netz Toyota Hyogo Sumoto-store
Designer RIC DESIGN Inc.
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Ikkou Tanaka
Photograph Nacása & Partners Inc.
Address 396-2 Kuwama, Sumoto, Hyogo
Phone 0799-22-6631