Kitano Construction Corp. New building of Headquarters


ModuleX was adopted for New building of Headquarters of Kitano
Construction Corp.

At the entrance hall with the big opening where people can feel
the transforming of season or time, we planned utilizing
our original lighting design technic “Lighting Naturazation”
integrating the nature light and the artificial light,
while considering the visual luminance balance.

ModuleX Controls, which reproduces the adjusted light effects
in accordance with time or uses of the room, adopts international
standard open protocols “KNX” and constructs the system which
the persistence for coping with the function enhancement
in the future, such as layout change, replacement of facility,
facility Interlock, is taken into consideration.

ModuleX’s made-to-order product “MOTIF BISPOKE” is used for the
dining room as the one of design which enhances the facilities
of the space.
In addition of brilliance created by the soft light arranged
symbolically, the calm atmosphere is produced by adding the
light effect lowering the viewpoint in the high ceiling space.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Kitano Construction Corp. New building of Headquarters
Designer Atsushi Kitagawara Architects Inc.
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Keita Morikawa
Key Products ModuleX100、ModuleX130、ModuleX80
Address 524 Agatamachi, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture