Western Miyako Hotel Kyoto, Chapel “Grace”


The Chapel “Grace” in Western Miyako Hotel Kyoto reopened
after the renovation and ModuleX’s products were adopted.

This is the independent chapel which is made of brick and
located on the foot of Kacho-mountaion.
This time it wons A’Design Award and Competition
“A’Design award” GOLD.

At the space where the light comes from the pseudo-top light
installed at the splendid wooden frames and the difference
between a front altar with piled stone wall and a wooden framework
wall contracts, by using our original lighting design method,
“The lighting modulation in the viewing angle range” we can produce
the symbolic space improving a sense of depth of the wedding aisle
from the entrance to the altar.
Also, we combined the pseudo-top light and the optical design
down light glare-controlled to the utmost, which produces the space
as if the sunlight shines

The dramatic space is produced by the lighting effect
“Exaltation lighting” mixing our lighting design technics,
which emphasizes the material feeling with combining the appropriate
lighting for each materials and elevates the exultation.

We can also set on a scene setting that meets the light balance of
whole space or the program of the ceremony for both lighting for at
normal time and at the wedding ceremony.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Western Miyako Hotel Kyoto, Chapel “Grace”
Designer KATORI archi+design Associates
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Mariko Hayashi
Photograph Tomohiro Sakashita
Key Products ModuleX100
Address 〒605 - 0052 Kyōtofu kyōtoshihigashiyamaku Awadaguchikachō-chō 1
URL www.miyakohotels.ne.jp