Creage Tokyo


ModuleX was applied for the Creage Tokyo, the aging care clinic
for women only.

At the entrance having elegant impression, a gold and big circular slit
is described on the ceiling as the symbolic design.

For the inside of the gold slit, we selected our ConsciLed® D-SHAPE
characterized by the workability and beauty of light.
The light expanding softly and widely minutely designed and the
down light which controls glare to the utmost and make itself
inconspicuous produces the superior quality of space as if the design
of ceiling floats to surface.

At each a consulting room, GRID Quadrates® was adopted,
which distribute the soft lighting with high uniformity that reduce
the burdens on eyes so that people can take medical advice
with relaxed.
Using our own lighting environment control technology,
“ModuleX Controls”, we designed to adjust the illumination environment
according to the operation content.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Creage Tokyo
Designer Prop Position Architecture
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Ami Toya
Key Products ModuleX80
Address 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Yurakucho Denki Building North Building 17F