COMME CA ISM at Newport Hitachinaka


COMME CA ISM at Newport Hitachinaka reopened after the renovation in September 2020 and ModuleX’s products were adopted.

According to COMME CA ISM’s concept of the store space creation, which makes an impression on all of the customers, like a stage, we made the full use of our stage illumination technology producing an extraordinary and special space.

ModuleX’s new product, “Individual face-cut Dimming spot light” makes it possible to adjust the light moderately and generate more stereoscopic feeling to the wall which is apt to become monotonous.

“Individual face-cut Dimming spot light” can be installed to the general lighting track and we can adjust each individual light at 0.1 percent level.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference COMME CA ISM at Newport Hitachinaka
Client FIVE FOXes Co.,ltd.
ModuleX solution
ModuleX Inc. Ryosuke Owada
Key Products ModuleX100
Phone 81 29-265-2676