Netz TOYOTA HYOGO Himeji Imajuku shop


ModuleX’s products were selected to be used when “Netz TOYOTA HYOGO Himeji Imajuku shop” moved in April 2019 in Himeji city, Hyogo Japan.

The ModuleX adjustable downlight was used in the car exhibition space to maximize the presentation while implementing a 3D and highly dynamic lighting design.

In contrast with the exhibition space, the space for business talk is uniformly bright, provided by a lighting design which has little illuminance difference, making it a cozy place where one can spend a long time in.


Project DATA

Project Reference Netz TOYOTA HYOGO Himeji Imajuku shop
Lighting Design ModuleX Inc. Natsumi Fujii
Address 7-6-17, Tsuchiyama, Himeji Shi, Hyogo Ken, 670-0996, Japan
Phone +81 79-297-2100