The multipurpose hotel, HOTEL ELECASA, located on the upland of Hakone, which has the Italian restaurant and the wedding chapel was renewed in July 2019, and ModuleX products are used.

ModuleX MOTIF pattern order series were chosen for the desk stand bracket light.
The feature of the product line is that the cloth of the shade can be changed according to the image of the guest rooms of each floor.

ModuleX always propose the optimized lighting plan for each space with our superior technology and lighting design know-how.


Project DATA

Project Reference HAKONE ELECASA
Designer HIDEHARU FUKUI Archi.
Lighting Design ModuleX Inc. Daisuke Morita
Address 1362-16 miyagino hakonemachi ashigarasimogun kanagawaken
Phone +81 460-86-1201
URL https://hakone-elecasa.co.jp/