DISCO Corporation, Kuwabata Plant


ModuleX products were selected to be used when DISCO Corporation, a maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment constructed a new building in their Kuwabata Plant in Kure city, Hiroshima.

ModuleX MUSEUM Platform were used in the entrance lobby, gym and public spaces of their training and lodging facilities.

It is important to have a lighting design which controls and harmonizes the brightness entering the eyes and the illuminance balance of the overall space in an area where people spend a long time in.

With the brilliant glare control technology of ModuleX’s MUSEUM series, unnecessary light is omitted thus creating a comfortable environment where there is radiant brightness yet little glare.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference DISCO Corporation, Kuwabata Plant
Design and Construction OBAYASHI CORPORATION
ModuleX solution
ModuleX Inc. Shoichi Kumasaka
Key Products ModuleX80
Address 4010-1 Goharacho, Kure, Hiroshima 737-0161 Japan.