DECENCIA Headquarters


DECENCIA INC, the manufacturer and the seller of cosmetics, adopted ModuleX’s lighting fixture in their new headquarters.
The interior design of the office is harmonized with their stylish brand logo, and is successful to show their re-branding to visitors effectively.

【Point of Lighting Design】
We propose the lighting design with the strong contrast of light and shade so that the pictures and brand logo can be conspicuous in the gallery and entrance.
In the meeting space, the light from our fixture spread to the whole space and realized the bright and clean space.

【Point of Lighting Fixture】
ModuleX’s lighting fixtures have systematic range of selection, even for the same size of fixtures, so that the most optimized lighting fixtures can be selected according to the purpose and conditions of the space.
The spot lights used in the gallery and the entrance can show the objects more effectively with different touch by our unique reflectors and filters.
The down-light used in the meeting rooms is the fruit of our pursuant for the technologies that makes the whole space bright enough by less lighting fixtures.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference DECENCIA Headquarters
Designer HITOBA DESIGN・FOG design
Lighting Design ModuleX Inc. Shoichi Kumasaka
Key Products ModuleX80
Address Polar 2nd Gotanda Building 5F 2-2-10 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo