The space design office, Draft Corp., which produces various office design, shop design and facility design, moved its headquarter in October, 2016, and our ModuleX fixtures were installed in their new office.

For the free address office on the 2nd floor, SLEEK Platform series was chosen to have the soft light evenly to the whole space so that the illuminance on the table is same anywhere. This leads to the ease of workers' stress during the office hours.

With our ModuleX SLEEK series, as the multiplex optical technology was applied to accomplish high uniformity of brightness, it achieves not only unnecessary light reduction but also both conformity and energy efficiency.


Project DATA

Project Reference DRAFT Inc.
Designer DRAFT Inc.
ModuleX solution
ModuleX MR : Shoichi Kumasaka
Photograph Isao Hashinoki | Makoto Kinoshita
Address 2F・3F Alteka Plaza Harajyuku, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone +81-3-5412-1001
URL http://www.draft.co.jp