Kenso Kogyo office


Kenso Kogyo, which specializes in mansion renovation, renewal, and painter's work, renovated their headquarters and chose ModuleX for lighting.
By installing the same downlights in outside lobby and the inside entrance with the glass wall, the entrance hall gives both open feeling and space continuity.
ModuleX lighting design focuses on fusion of natural light and the light from the fixtures to follow the time transition in a day.
During the daytime, given the premise of utilizing the outside light, only the necessary lights are added where it is necessary. From evening toward night, the spectrum changes gradually from daylight bright spectrum to warm evening twilight spectrum.
With minimum number of fixtures, ModuleX is able to provide highly effective lights to create a well-harmonized space of the architecture and the surroundings.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Kenso Kogyo office
Project Owner Kenso Kogyo
Key Products ModuleX100