Hinokizaka at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo


ModuleX was chosen by one of the restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. The restaurant, located on the 45th floor, was relaunched as a new Japanese restaurant called Hinokizaka in December 2014 after undergoing a renewal.

The theme at Hinokizaka is to harmonize Japan and the West, based on a concept signified by three key points: Tokyo, Japan, and Japanese style. In a space characterized by light and shadow, they attempted to embody the calligraphy paper and sumi ink found in Japan (the East) in a contemporary Japanese fashion. They successfully produced light and shadow using materials found in Japan and the East.

In this space of light and shadow, ModuleX lighting devices help customers enjoy their meals in comfort. These devices cast light exactly where it is needed—such as tables, counters, and open kitchen—without disrupting the décor that gives a modern twist to numerous design elements.


Project DATA

Project Reference Hinokizaka at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
Photograph Nacása & Partners Inc.
Address Tokyo Midtown, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6434-8711
03-3423-8000 (Switchboard)
Hours Lunch: 11:30-14:30
Dinner: 17:30-22:00 (Last order: 21:00)
URL http://www.ritz-carlton.jp/restaurant/hinokizaka/