• Announcement of the Issuance of ModuleX 1st Series Unsecured Corporate Bonds
  • 2015.04.01
  • ModuleX Inc. (headquartered at #21 Arai Bldg, 1-20-6 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Goro Terumichi) announces that it today resolved to issue 1st series unsecured corporate bonds, the details of which are as follows.

    Name of bonds        ModuleX Inc. 1st Series Unsecured Corporate Bonds
                    (With Resona Bank, Ltd. guarantee, and limited to qualified institutional investors)
    Total value of bonds       ¥300 million (cash)
    Value of each bond      ¥10 million (cash)
    Interest rate          0.50% per annum
    Issue price          ¥100 per ¥100 of the value of each bond
    Redemption price       ¥100 per ¥100 of the value of each bond
    Redemption period/date    3 years (March 23, 2018)
    Method of redemption     Scheduled redemption
    Date(s) of interest payment   March 25 and September 25 every year
    Date of issue         March 25, 2015
    Security collateral       Unsecured
    Guarantee          Resona Bank, Ltd. 100% guarantee
    Fiscal agent / issuing agent / payment agent / payee for full amount Resona Bank, Ltd.
    Institution for deposit transfer  Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. (JASDEC)
    Use of funds         Investment associated with business expansion

    As a result of over 40 years of refining its advanced optical technology and usage of light to create added value, ModuleX has achieved a long track record of orders both in Japan and overseas, from commercial facilities, public art galleries, airports and other facilities, and has been rated highly within the market.
    Moving forward, ModuleX looks to utilize this past experience and expand its scope of business into areas such as offices, education and healthcare, while also expanding its regions of activity globally. In addition to Southeast Asia and the United States, this year ModuleX will make a full-scale expansion into Europe, with London as its base of operations. With regard to its product lineup, ModuleX has developed ModuleX GRID Quadrates*, and is also planning the additional development and sale of various other lighting fixtures.
    In the future too, ModuleX will continue to puruse the development of lighting fixtures and lighting design technologies that increase value and create spaces that overflow with feeling, through the ever-revolutionary products and abundant development techniques that have been a feature of the company since its founding.

    For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact:ModuleX Inc. Public Relations Department
    TEL: 03-5768-3105

    Announcement of the Issuance of ModuleX 1st Series Unsecured Corporate Bonds

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