• The grand opening party "ModuleX Night 2013"
  • 2013.07.30
  • On 18 June 2013, ModuleX hosted the grand opening party of our new showroom in Singapore;
    “ModuleX Night 2013”.

    Over 400 guests such as architects, interior designers, developers and project owners joined the party from 14 countries.

    Under the concept of Japanese way of hearty hospitality, “OMOTENASHI”, the guests enjoyed the collaboration of Japanese flower arrangement, “Kado” and lighting, and Japanese tea ceremony, “Sado”.
    We believe that a number of guests could experience a good mixture of Singaporean and Japanese culture with lighting effects.

    It was a great success and was filled with “OMOTENASHI” at Teck Lim road where is in the skirting area of Chinatown in Singapore.

    We would like to express our warmest gratitude to all the guests.

    Please watch the “ModuleX Night 2013” video.

    Please visit and see our event coverage page on “” website which is operated by famous architect & design magazine in Singapore.

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