• ModuleX Special Lecture for The University of Electro-Communications
  • 2014.02.07
  • For the purpose of supporting students, on January 23th, 2014, ModuleX invited students who belong to Associate Professor, Mr. Uchida’s seminar in Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering in The University of Electro-Communications.

    Their major is basic science of semi-conductor, including LED.
    In this special lecture, they learnt the application of Solid State Light.
    Fortunately, all participants were impressed by ModuleX hardware technology and enjoyed discussion in detail. We received the reputation from them that to learn and know the genuine brought life’s nourishment and increased spiritual satisfaction and wealth.

    ModuleX keeps providing a number of opportunities for students to experience various professional works.
    In case those who are involved in educational/academic organization have interest in ModuleX student-support programs, please feel free to contact us.

    The inquiry form can be downloaded here

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