• Notice on ModuleX Inc.’s 3rd unsecured debentures issuance
  • 2019.02.28
  • ModuleX Inc. has announced today that it will issue its 3rd series
    of unsecured debentures as below.

    Name of bond:
    The 3rd series of Unsecured Debentures of ModuleX Inc.

     (With guarantee from The Chiba Bank, Ltd. and limited to qualified institutional investors)
    Total amount of issue:    200 million yen
    Denomination per bond: 10 million yen
    Coupon rate:                  0.22% per annum
    Issue price:                    100 yen per 100 yen of face value

    Redemption price:          100 yen per 100 yen of face value
    Maturity date:                 3 years (February 28, 2022)
    Redemption method :      Scheduled redemption
    Interest payment dates :  February 28 and August 28 of each year
    Issue date:                      February 28, 2019
    Collateral:                       None
    Guarantee:                     100% guaranteed by The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
    Fiscal agent:                   The Chiba Bank, Ltd.

    Issuing agent :                The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
    Paying agent:                 The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
    Underwriter:                   The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
    Book-entry transfer institution: Japan Securities Depository Center, Incorporated
    Use of Proceeds:           Working capital for business expansion

    Since our establishment, we have been promoting “integrated lighting solutions” which
    consistently provide original lighting fixture design, in-house production and professional
    lighting design.
    Thankfully, we continue to receive high ratings from the market and since 2017 our flagship
    product group have been recognized by academic societies and was awarded with worldwide
    design awards from Japan, Europe and the United States, totaling 8 titles.
    While the lighting industry is concerned that the global demand will shrink, the scope
    that we provide is not just within the frame of lighting, but also in relation to architecture,
    environment and for the purpose enriching people’s lives.
    To further enhance the quality of this corporate activity, we will make good use
    of the funds from this corporate bond.

    For inquiries:
ModuleX Inc., Administrative Division

    Tel: +81-3-5768-3131

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