• Personnel Announcement for Directors and Executive Officers
  • 2018.04.02
  • The regular board of directors meeting on March 26, 2018 has resolved
    the following new list of Directors and Executive Officers which becomes
    operative on April 2, 2018.
    We hereby announce that Mr. Minoru Katsuhara,
    Director and Senior Executive Officer, resigned on March 31, 2018.

    ModuleX Inc. List of Directors

    Board of Directors

     Managing Director      Goro Terumichi     Chairman and CEO

     Director          Akihiro Suga

     Director          Hirokazu Aizawa

     Director          Yasuhito Suzue

     Director          Ryuichi Yamazaki    Senior Adviser

     Auditor           Masayuki Haraguchi    (Attorney, C.P.A)

     Auditor           Masayuki Maekawa      (C.P.A , L.T.A)

    Executive Officers

      President                   Goro Terumichi    (Managing Director)

     Managing Executive Officer        Akihiro Suga         (Director) *promoted

     Managing Executive Officer      Hiirokazu Aizawa   (Director)*promoted

     Senior Executive Officer       Yasuhito Suzue    (Director)

     Senior Executive Officer       Norio Ishiwata

     Executive Officer            Satoshi Eguchi

     Executive Officer            Yoshinori Kurita

     Executive Officer            Shinji Yamaki

     Executive Officer            Mariko Ai

     Executive Officer            Yuki Takayama

     Executive Officer            Irene Koh Lay Hoon

     Operational officer           Shinji Umino

     Operational officer           Kazushi Kawakami

     Operational officer           Masahiko Kobayashi

    Inquiry: Promotion Section

    Tel: +81-3-5768-3105


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