ModuleX® was selected for DOG & ONSEN HOTEL HONJIN in the Amagase hot spring resort, located in Hita City, Oita Prefecture.

HONJIN is a long-established ryokan inn, founded over a century ago but forced to close after being severely damaged by flooding due to the heavy rain three years ago.
With the concept of “building a place where guests spend all the time with their dogs without any more restrictions,” the reconstruction project was launched to make a hot spring inn that gives guests a soothing and relaxing time with their dogs.

Located on a riverbank full of nature and surrounded by the sounds of the Kusu River, this hot spring inn features a unified design, from the exterior to the guest rooms, with a powerful and simple finish focusing on the natural expression of concrete. To realize the facility’s concept using light, we proceeded with the project with a lighting concept of “creating a simple and soft lighting environment that stands the test of time.”

Regarding the entrance and aisles inside the building, we placed line-shaped lighting fixtures and MOTIF BESPOKE custom lighting fixtures and installed downlights only in necessary locations, while taking into consideration ever-changing natural light.
We also used our independently developed lighting design technique, Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®, to optimize the balance of brightness and illumination of the space by combining different quality lights.

During all hours, from daytime to nighttime, while guests are staying there, optimum lighting balance is maintained using our lighting environment control technology ModuleX® Controls. This ensures a lighting environment that offers a softness that is in harmony with the space.

The interiors of the guest rooms are designed for guests to always stay with their dogs, even while bathing and eating. When opening the door, guests will have a great view of the Kusu River; natural light, as well as the sight of the river, will spread throughout the room.
Our proprietary Static Lighting Design® was employed to allow artificial light, in combination with natural light, to form various shadows in the space in spite of the simple positioning of lighting fixtures. We made our lighting plan to provide comfortable difference of the brightness in the space and to highlight the richness of the transition of the time.


Project DATA

Project Reference DOG & ONSEN HOTEL HONJIN
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Ryohei Koyama
Photograph Atsushi Shiotani
Address 1138, Yuyama, Amagasemachi, Hita-shi Oita
Phone 0973-57-2317