ModuleX® was selected for use by URAKUSATSU TOU, a hot-spring inn that has opened in the popular new walking spot of Urakusatsu in the Kusatsu Onsen area of Gunma Prefecture.

Asked to apply lighting effects to add expression to the space, which is formed by timber, while disguising the presence of lighting devices, we used our smallest devices, and the minimum amount of them, to implement a lighting plan that balances brightness and illumination.

Since it is an environment that is filled with natural light, we used our original lighting design technology, Lighting Naturalization, and our lighting environment control technology, ModuleX Controls, to balance natural and artificial light during the daytime, and to create a relaxed feeling without excessive brightness during the nighttime. As a result, we could realize a space with well-controlled lighting effects according to the time and the purpose of use of the space.

In the entrance area of the lobby, we applied our unique lighting design technology, Lighting Modulation in View Angle Range, to give a striking look to a row of columns that extend from the ceiling. By considering where and how much lighting energy needed to be irradiated, we optimized the balance of brightness and illumination among the ceiling, columns and floor, and we implemented a lighting plan that invites guests deeper into the inn.


Project DATA

Project Reference URAKUSATSU TOU
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Ikko Tanaka
Photograph Kotaro Imada
Address 300 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
Phone 0279-82-5805
URL https://urakusatsu-tou.com/